Tag: Technology

Die Fledermaus Zuhaus: Opera from home

Die Fledermaus Zuhaus is an international virtual opera, tackling the production limitations of Covid-19 regulations.

The Mandalorian

Through Disney’s The Mandalorian we meet StageCraft: a new game-engine-powered technology that spawns a new frontier for the film industry.

Piano Synthesis


Defining Synthesis

We often throw around the term “synthesiser” without knowing its proper meaning. Here we explore the concept of synthesis and its application in the context of digital anelectronic instruments.

Vocal Synthesis

Exploring the methods of physics-based vocal synthesis. Weighing accuracy and performance in the formulation of an appropriate computational implementation.

Automata: AI’s Mechanical Counterpart

Automata (singular: automaton) are machines that perform a prescribed set of physical actions via complex mechanical systems. These actions often mimic human physicality and their complexity can range from lifting a bowl to the ability to converse in multiple languages.