Statistically-Driven Character Generation


By utilising a combination of demographic data and trait theory we are able to create an advanced character generation system that produces realistic, human characters.

Actors are defined by a collection of both variable and non-variable attributes. The variable attributes are subject to change throughout the duration of the opera, whereas the non-variable attributes are fixed upon generation.



According to most UK demographics, the average sex leans ever-so-slightly towards the ladies: roughly 51% female, and 49% male.


Since age data is more continuous than discrete, the age of characters in this opera will be calculating by first, randomly selecting a point on a curve, then normalising that value to with a predefined age range of 18-50 (for dramatic purposes, and too avoid taboos with juvenile characters)


Ethnicity is determined from pure statistical data in the 2011 UK census.


Names are influenced by age & ethnicity as these two factors determine both the character’s date of birth & plucked randomly from pool of male or female names (dependant on sex).


Physicality is primarily dependant age and ethnicity, according to this study. It is also influenced by personality as certain traits may effect motivation for physical exercise and/or training.


The actor’s voice type is randomly selected from male or female options (dependant on sex). The male options are Tenor, Baritone or Bass; The female options are Soprano or Mezzo.


Attractiveness has many dependancies, but the highest contributors are physicality, ethnicity, voice and financial status.



This is a complex attribute, considered primarily in terms of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality classifications. Personality traits will be largely stable throughout the narrative. Exceptions to this include traumatic events and age-related maturity. Read More

Emotional State

Emotional state is considered in terms of Plutchik’s wheel of eight emotions: anticipation, joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust and anger. These are all set to neutral upon generation. But, as events transpire, the values will shift in accordance with the actor’s personality.



Gender is influenced primarily by sex and sexuality, but is also dependant on age and ethnicity.


The sexualities I am considering are heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. For the purpose of this project, I am not considering the intricacies of sexual orientation, merely the actuality of which sex a given actor or isn’t attracted to. Sexuality is also determined from statistics in 2018 UK demographics.


Religion is influenced by ethnicity and age and personality. It contributes greatly to the determination of names.

Financial Status

Financial status is influenced by age, sex, ethnicity and personality.

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