Procedurally-Generated Personalities


A character’s personality is their disposition: an array of inclinations and aversions that define their actions. key to any character within a narrative.

Models of personality

Whilst both OCEAN and EPQ models, for the generative narrative of this project, I will be employing the five-factor OCEAN model. This is primarily due to the model’s predominance in recent studies but also because the two additional factors are essential in the context of operatic narrative.

All five of these traits will be taken into consideration whenever a character must decide and perform actions within the narrative. They will govern everything from mannerisms to life-altering decisions.

Personality traits will be dynamic as opposed to static. This means that, once generated, they will evolve according to the events that transpire within the narrative.

The influence of age and sex


2007 study on the “gender” (sex) differences in personality traits in an Elderly Cohort

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