Blob Opera


Blob Opera is a machine-learning experiment by David Li: resident artist at Google Arts & Culture. The project brings a quartet of operatic AI to your browser. Accessibility is at the core of its design, giving anyone and everyone the power to create; if you haven’t already, try it.


The Blob Opera team developed a machine learning model that they could train on


In terms of the primary AI, Blob Opera does an incredible job of synthesising realistic operatic voices. And the interactivity

Despite the focus on Operatic singing, resultant music Blob Opera outputs is more choral in nature. This is because the secondary AI they used for harmonisation is likely trained on choral music and the level of reverb on the voices resembles a church more than an opera house. That being said, it depend on how you define “opera”.

More from David Li

If you’re interested in seeing some of the other work by David Li, you can browse a collection of interactive projects on his website.

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