Tag: Psychology

Abstracting Language

Surmising a linguistic model suitable for computing generative language formation.

Commedia Del’Arte

A computational implementation of comedia del’arte archetypes.

Protagonism: The Melody of Narrative

Narrative is defined by the fate of its characters and we, the audience, experience this fate through the lens of the protagonists. This dynamic is paralleled within the cooperation of melody and harmony.

Trait Theory

In psychology, trait (or dispositional) theory is an approach to the abstraction and understanding of human behavioural patterns. It involves breaking down attributes of personality into a finite list of traits. The two most popular models of trait theory are the three-factor Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) model and the five-factor OCEAN model.

Procedurally-Generated Personalities

Exploring how psychological trait theory can be used to develop a system that determines the actions of characters in our narrative.