February Update

This DevLog dissects the Opera Automata as of February 2020 and recaps the development process until this point.

Die Fledermaus Zuhaus: Opera from home

Die Fledermaus Zuhaus is an international virtual opera, tackling the production limitations of Covid-19 regulations.

Watch Dogs: Legion

“Play as Anyone” Watch Dogs: Legion is a How it works

Blob Opera

Blob Opera is a machine-learning experiment by David Li: resident artist at Google Arts & Culture. An operatic quartet at your disposal.

Generative Narrative

We can, quite simply, define narrative as the progression of events over time. The nuance therefore lies in our definition of such events. What attribute(s) of a particular happening denotes significance?

Commedia Del’Arte

A computational implementation of comedia del’arte archetypes.

The Mandalorian

Through Disney’s The Mandalorian we meet StageCraft: a new game-engine-powered technology that spawns a new frontier for the film industry.

Abstracting Language

Surmising a linguistic model suitable for computing generative language formation.

The Dream Lens

Analysis of Joseph Harmsworth’s interactive audio-visual project: The Dream Lens.

Methods of Algorithmic Composition

Here we explore the various methods of algorithmic composition and the theoretical models on which they are founded.